MZD-AIO-TI 2.x.x CHANGELOG Download)

Full Changelog


Order Audio Source List:

  • Order Your Audio Source List With In AIO
    • Finally!! No more manually editing the systemApp.js
    • NOTE: Although you will be able to order all the values, Some list items may not show for your particular vehicle or region

Speedometer v5.6

  • Edit all customizations from the AIO interface - Option Panels:
    • StatusBar Speedometer & Fuel Bar
    • Bar Speedometer Layout
    • Classic Speedometer Layout
    • Bar Speedometer Color Themes
    • Multicontroller Functions
    • Extra Options
  • Statusbar Speedometer Options
    • Set all 3 Statusbar Speedometer Values To Anything!
      • NOTE: There are only 7 icons for 21 values so they are all reused. If someone wants to contribute, some white 32x32px icons would be cool!
    • Set Interval Of Rotating Values Or Set Only 1 Extra Value to stop the rotation interval
    • Option To Hide In Reverse - reverse adjusted to accommodate all extra values
    • Option To Hide When Speedometer App is Open - true by default
    • Statusbar Fuel Gauge
      • Positions: Top of Screen, Bottom of Screen, or Below Statusbar
      • Customize Colors For Each 20% Interval
  • Bar Speedometer: layout changes are remembered until reboot
    • Multicontroller: (default) to reset to your default layout
    • 5 Customizable Color Themes
      • Randomize Colors Button
  • The Classic Speedometer: has a different design structure as the Bar Speedometer in that instead of each position being mapped to a location on the screen, it is essentially a stack inside a table.
    • Customize order of value table stack
    • Added Fuel Bar to the Digital Speedometer in Classic Mode (bottom left in the previously unused space)
    • In accordance with the stack model, values are “popped” off the top of the value table and appended to the bottom
      • Multicontroller: (default)
      • Tap the top value will also pop it
  • Extra Options:
    • Hide Speed Bar in Bar Mode
    • Start with Speed Bar in RPM Mode
    • Turn on Counter Animation (Makes output lag by about 1 second because the counter cannot predict the future so it is always a little bit behind while chasing the dragon)
    • Fuel Gauge Type: (experimental) Fuel Gauge reading will show approximate Gallons or Liters remaining
      • % (default)
      • L - Liters
      • Gal. - Gallons
    • Fuel Tank Capacity - The Fuel Tank Capacity of your Vehicle in Gal/L (From Fuel Gauge Type)
  • UX: Toggle sorting lists by the order number (Auto Sorts when position numbers change)
  • Each panel is saved when compile is run.
  • Each panel can be reset individually or “Reset Options” in the top/side menus will reset all the panels.
  • Dutch Translation by: Taeke

Autorun & Recovery - For Serial Connection

  • Recovery files will be copied to “XX” folder be used with <a onclick=”externalLink(‘serial’)”these instructions</a>
  • No installer is included, files need to be manually copied from USB Drive to CMU using a connected computer.
  • Only for gaining access via serial connection.
Tweak Installer Changes/Fixes
  • Fixed the NodeJS code to handle all errors and repair broken installations
    • Removed the short lived “Use legacy install” because the new method will repair errors if they exist.
    • This should solve the apps disappearing from the app list issues and fix all other app installation/uninstallation issues too.
  • One additional file (/jci/opera/opera_dir/userjs/aio.js) is installed with apps containing some global AIO helper functions
    • Separated from additionalApps.js to maintain backward and cross compatibility (with CASDK, cmu-opkg, and other older community developed mods/apps that install old versions of additionalApps.js will not break the new apps)
One More Thing
  • Added “Load Last Compile” to the top menu and context (right-click) menu.


Speedometer v5.5 - All In One Speedometer

  • Analog, Modded and Bar Speedometers are now All In One!
  • All options are available and will be applied to the proper Speedometer
  • Choose which speedometer to start with by default (if starting with Bar Speedometer other options will still determine the starting state of the Classic Speedometer)
  • The speedometer-config.js file now has all the options, set a variable to determine if override values are used or installed options.
  • Invalid Values Show “—” Such As Gear Position/Lever for Manual Transmissions
  • Toggles will Show The Action In A Statusbar Notification
  • Hold “Up” on multicontroller to switch between Classic and Bar Speedometer Mode
  • Hold “Down” in Classic mode to switch between Basic and Modded Speedometer (Basic is only analog with no toggles except long holds to change to Modded or Bar Speedometer)
  • Modded Speedometer (in Classic mode):
    • Single click “Up” to increase size of values
    • Multicontroller “Select” toggles between Digital and Analog speed
    • Single click “Down” to show alternate values
  • Bar Speedometer:
    • Configure The Amount of Bottom Rows in “speedometer-config.js” (Default 4)
    • Hold “Down” to show/hide speed bar
    • TAP Any 2 Values To Swap Their Positions!
      • Any Values Can Be Swapped Even The Main
      • When The Main Value Is Swapped An SBN Will Show With The Value Name
      • Tap Below The Bottom Row To Swap Hidden Values In Other Rows
      • Tap Selected Value Again To Cancel

AIO Tweaks App v0.6

  • “Reverse App List” button - Reverses the Applications List (resets on boot).
  • “Unmount Swap” button - Unmount a mounted swapfile

Test Mode (T/M) Button (Thread)

  • Included with the 1 Second Diagnostic Menu tweak because it is part of the Diagnostic App
  • In v59 “JCI Test Mode” was disabled in the Diagnostic App
    • This tweak brings back Test Mode for v59
    • Makes it easier to get to in v55-v58 (Just press the T/M button)
  • Once Test Mode is started type 11 to open the well known Test Menu
Tweak Installer Changes/Fixes
  • App install/uninstall now uses NodeJS to add/remove from app list
    • Allows for cleaner installations
    • Backward compatible
    • Solves the issue of all apps disappearing off the app list when only 1 is uninstalled due to improperly formatted JSON file
    • Legacy App Install” in install options to use the old method (using bash)
      • The only reason I can think of for this is if you already have an improperly formatted JSON file then you need to uninstall all apps with legacy installer because the NodeJS code will throw an error. Other than that the NodeJS code will never cause an improperly formatted JSON file.
    • Note: NodeJS will run from the USB drive, Coming Soon: Install NodeJS to the system
  • Cleaned up installer code
    • Removed some superfluous code
    • Fixed many inconsequential errors


MZD-AIO GUI Changes/Fixes:

  • Fixed “Bootbox is not defined” error preventing AIO from running for some.
  • Alternate Layout Toggle (Full Width Tweak Choices & Options)
  • Changed Up Notification Style
  • Phase 1 of GUI Style Redesign
  • Autorun & Recovery and Full System Restore links in dropdown menu by “Start Compilation”
  • Home Button brings you back to main page. (if you ever wondered what that was for)

Video Player v3.3.1

  • Fixed the unicode list retrieve and removes the “only unicode” method
  • Disabled the log functions as they are not needed now
  • Video Name shows in a Statusbar Notification at the beginning of each video
  • Now it takes the time from gplay app
  • Music player with MP3 & FLAC support (From the Music folder on the USB Drive).
  • Adds the FLAC codec to the gstreamer libs
  • It shows the metadata of the files when playing music
  • Other small bug fixes
    • Pause Audio Hack
    • Pressing the “Entertainment” (Music) button will pause audio
    • Audio has to be playing from USB or button will function normally
    • After it has been done once or the first video is played the entertainment button will function normally
    • You will see a split-second context change… that is the only way I could get the audio to pause.

AIO Tweaks App v0.5

  • Fixed The Freezing Issue
  • Added SBN Test Button (Status Bar Notification)
  • ADB Button ($ adb devices -l)

Speedometer v5.1

  • Added values (set in “speedometer-config.js”)
    • Battery SOC (State of charge iStop only)
    • Engine Load (Only shows 0 or 1 for now)
    • Gear Lever Position
  • Gear Position will show correct gear for Manual Transmissions (delayed by 1 second)
  • Fixed non working values (idle time, engine idle time, engine top speed)
  • To reuse current “speedometer-config.js” file just delete “config/speedometer_bar/speedometer-config.js” before installing
  • CHANGED: WebSocket port from 55554 => 9969
  • CHANGED: Multicontroller Tilt Down Now Toggles the SPEED BAR from Vehicle Speed to Engine Speed


  • Statusbar Notifications On Every Screen At The Start Of Each Song!
    • SBN for 5 Seconds: “Artist - Song”
    • Not Android Auto Screens (Sorry its not possible to cross surfaces like that)
  • Change the “Powered By Gracenote®” flash text to whatever you want!
    • Clear text field blank to disable altogether.
    • If flash text is not showing, genre will show on that line for about 10 seconds (If it is in the metadata)

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Tweak Installer:
    • When installing apps, all common files (addon-common and opera folders) for are now in /config/jci/…
    • Cleaned up app install scripts to be more uniform and efficient
    • No more app list patch for v59! (Apps are added to the app ctxt list dynamically.)
    • Log files are saved in bakup folder so they are not lost if install accidently runs twice
  • Other Tweaks:
    • Added Language Support for ‘Reverse Camera Safety Warning’ Tweak
      • Ukrainian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Swedish, Slovak
    • Added Ukrainian to ‘Remove Message Replies’ Tweak


Android Auto v1.08
  • Fixed music not resuming after phone calls
  • More code optimizations
  • Navigation Fixes
  • All Audio Focus transitions are smooth
Speedometer v5.0
  • Major performance improvements to all styles and variants. (All variants use the same data collection script)
  • Every variation value is configurable and toggleable
    • Added option for starting temperature (°C & °F)
    • and fuel efficiency (km/L & L/100km)
  • Digital Bar Speedometer Mod
    • 4 values in the right column
    • Cycle through 3 groups of 5 values on the bottom row.
    • Including Main speed that’s 20 values!
    • Command knob “select” to change bottom bar values.
    • Tilt up to toggle mph & km/h
    • Tilt right to
      • Toggle km/L & L/100km (in km/h mode)
      • Toggle °C & °F (in mph mode)
    • Tilt left to toggle background.
    • Tilt down to toggle the speedometer in statusbar extra values between Heading/Altitude & Temperature/Fuel Efficiency
    • Fully Customizable - Value positions can be customized in and easy and intuitive way
      • Instructions Included in Speedometer Options (When Bar Speedometer is Selected)
  • Speedometer in Statusbar Alternate Values
    • Outside Temperature & Current Drive Fuel Efficiency
    • Tap the statusbar speedometer to toggle the extra values (same as tilt down when speedometer is open)
  • Digital Clock Mod
    • Use the font from the digital bar speedometer on the statusbar speedometer & clock.
Video Player v3.2
  • I need a lot of color in my life so now you can choose between 8!
  • Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Orange, Teal, Slate, and White.
  • Merged improvements by VIC_BAM85
    • Sort order now is case insensitive (only for ASCII mode Not Unicode)
    • You start with selection on the last played video
    • Small fixes on the FF / RW in order to make only one call
    • Added a plugin to the cmu in order to allow fullscreen toggle (commander up while playing) so it changes while playing the video, resize and rotate (not available on the GUI yet)
    • Delete the gstreamer registry on start in order to fix the plugin repository (Resets to the one without the codecs at car restart)
  • Fixed swap memory mounting on boot
  • Improvements to how swapfile is mounted and order of apps initializing during boot
All Apps
  • Now use built in framework transitions for smoother opening and closing
  • Improvements with initialization methods & startup scripts


Android Auto v1.07
  • Making and receiving calls work perfectly
  • Release Audio Focus (To Radio, USB Audio, etc.) with FAV Button
  • Control USB Audio with Next/Prev steering wheel buttons when it has Audio Focus
  • Fix for GPS, Mazda Navigation and HUD features will now function correctly
  • Black screen issues are memory related and can be avoided by minimizing the amount of memory being used by the system. This can be done by:
    • Removing Nav SD card and other connected USB devices.
    • Speedometer and CastScreen apps use active memory, uninstalling them will improve AA performance.
    • Reboot the system, connect your phone after reboot.
    • Use the Swapfile for additional memory.
VideoPlayer v3.1
  • Fully Multicontroller Navigable
  • Navigate “Video Options/Info” panel with Control Knob.
    • Rotate to choose
    • Push to toggle option
    • Tilt up/down to close options/info panel
    • Tilt left right to choose between info and options
  • Change Highlight Color
    • Choices: Red, Blue, Green, Pink
  • Fixed bug: random never played the last video in the list
AIO Tweaks v0.4
  • Mount SwapFile
    • Mount an unmounted SwapFile
  • Some shell commands with output (command shown in message when one is used)
    • Running Processes: ps
    • Disk Space: df -h
    • Memory Info: cat /proc/swaps && cat /proc/meminfo
    • E-mail me for requests/suggestions
  • Select Tweaks with command knob
    • Rotate to choose
    • Push to Select
  • Scroll message box by rotating/tilting command knob
    • Tilt up at the top and pushing select close the message box
    • Tilt up to reopen
    • Works well when checking headunit.log
  • Irrelevant options are now hidden
    • Ex: If CastScreen is not installed the CastScreen Start/Stop options will be hidden
  • General little fixes
    There are MANY failed legitimate attempts in the AIO Tweaks App code, most notable of which include “Show Backup Camera,” “Take Screenshot” and global “Pause/Play Music”. If you think you can get something to work that I have not, go for it!
Speedometer to StatusBar
  • Now Speedometer to StatusBar moves the ‘volume meter’ and ‘contact loading meter’ a little bit to the left so they do not overlap the numbers.


  • Choose to mount on boot (on by default) or copy without mounting.
    • Mounted automatically when starting the VideoPlayer App
    • Can be mounted manually with the AIO Tweaks App
    • Swapfile can be copied by itself onto the root of a separate USB drive containing music and/or videos and mounted during run-time as needed

App Changes

  • Skip Confirmation choice will persist


Android Auto v1.04
  • Bluetooth Call Bug Fixed!!! Big thanks to @lmagder for fixing the headunit code after @Trezdog44 found the root of the issue with the ‘Bluetooth call patch’
  • Video focus is lost at the beginning and end of a call due to the system expecting a context change. Press the FAV () Button to get video focus back and AA will function normally.
  • Phone button opens AA phone screen, also call buttons work for answering and ending calls.
  • N\AV button opens the AA home screen
  • Tap the black box on the credit screen to display contents of the headunit.log file.
  • Added the Android Auto Icon to the statusbar
  • (The ‘Bluetooth Call Patch’ from AA 1.03 is no longer needed from this version on.)
    • (If it was applied will be reverted back to normal)
VideoPlayer v3.0
  • Gave the VideoPlayer its own Icon
  • Toggle Unicode Mode On/Off with “U” Icon (If you have a lot of videos you will see the difference in load time)
  • Information/Options Panel, Open/Close with “i” Icon
  • Close by pressing command knob
  • Option: Hide/Show Unicode button
  • Video Title to Statusbar
  • Test Error Message
  • I put this in for me to test the error message because all my videos are formatted 360p MP4 H264 AAC so I rarely hit a memory error.
  • Select options with left/right now includes reboot, show/hide background and info/options button.
  • Memory Error Message is now very informative
  • Offers Suggestions to Avoid Future Errors
  • Changed highlight color to blue
AIO Tweaks v0.3
  • Start Headunit Process
    • Will now successfully Start Android Auto Headunit Process
    • Also Active Headunit stdout will pop up
  • View Headunit Log
    • Shows the existing headunit.log file in a window
  • Screen off
    • Turns the screen off
  • wifiAP
  • Starts Wifi Access Point
    • (; start)
  • Stop Firewall
  • Stops the firewall
    • ( stop)
  • System Restore WARNING: This will remove all tweaks and uninstall all AIO apps
    • Restore you system on the fly with a slimmed down restore script
    • Removes all tweaks and AIO apps including this one
    • Does not restore Color Scheme (all those image files take up a lot of space)
    • Very small and safe only targets and restores from internal backups.
    • Asks for verification twice to ensure it is not accidentally run.
  • Env - Environment variables
    • For informational/educational purposes
    • Also used by developers for fun times
  • Fixed saving issue with the tweak toggle buttons

  • General Improvements/Bug Fixes
  • On Startup looks for some AIO log files loads FW version if found.
  • If FW version is found An “i” Icon will appear in the top menu bar to the left of the “reload” icon.
  • Click the icon to show your FW version, future plans to display more pertinent information as well.
  • Added Save Button to Success Dialog
  • Added To Top Menu “Downloads > Check For Update”
  • Small logging fixes in autorun and recovery scripts
  • Fixed WiFiAP files not copying when it was the only autorun script chosen
  • Many other small improvements/fixes



  • USB Audio Mod By: Enlsen
    • Long press folders/all songs in list view to play
    • Adds folders button
    • Removes “More like this” button
    • Adds new icon for USB root button
    • Set folders and song list icons correctly (were switched)
    • Removes trailing “/” from folder names for list view and title of now playing
    • Adds folder and song icons to the list view
    • Adds folder and playlist icons to now playing
    • Medium Album Art (180 pixels)

      Bigger Album Art Tweak

      • Will make album art even larger (210 pixels)
      • Stretch smaller images to enforce bigger size
      • More Space For Long Titles (Folder, Song Title, Album etc.)
      • Full Width Titles Option
      • Titles will span the entire width of the screen.
      • Will overlap album art if not hidden
        • Hide Album Art Option
      • Hides all Album Art
  • No More Beeps
    • Disables All System ‘Beeps’ (Those that are not be silenced by ‘Settings > Sound > Beep’ option).
    • ‘Improved List Loop > Remove List Beeps’ option is redundant but only disables list scrolling Beeps, I see no reason to remove it.
  • ‘Remove Background Behind Buttons’ is now ‘Remove Background Overlays’ Options to Remove the Following Background Overlays:
    • Behind Buttons (Original Tweak)
    • Now Playing (Entertainment)
    • List View
    • Text Message View
    • In Call (Active Caller Background)
  • Options Under ‘Main Menu Tweaks’
    • Main Menu Layout: FlatLine
    • Main Menu Text: Color Text & Hide Text
    • Smaller Coins > Small Focused Coin
    • Remove Glow (Behind Selected Coin)
Simplified Compatibility Check:
  • Checked by Compatibility Group Based on FW version
  • For better readability and to extend compatibility to cover all FW in the known groups.
  • Compatibility Extended to: (Flavor and Region letters are irrelevant for these checks)
    • Group 1 = All v55 & v56
    • Group 2 = All v58
    • Group 3 = All v59.00.300 - v59.00.399
    • Group 4 = All v59.00.400 - v59.00.499
  • A few specific checks are still done by FW these so certain tweaks may not install on unknown versions.
  • Other than v59.00.500+ and v54- if you have a firmware version that does not fall in those ranges email me but I think that covers all of them.
Bug Fixes & Changes
  • Wifi will now be enabled for Japan and NorthAmerica (From this point on Wifi is enabled for all no matter what region, previous installations are not be effected)
  • ‘Remove Message Replies’ now also removes the TTS Message “End of the message” After Reading a Text Message.
    • Must factory reset ALL settings after installing to apply changes
  • Fixed Bug where Install/Uninstall for ‘Improved List Loop’ would uninstall ‘Shorter Delay Mod’ and ‘No More Beeps’
  • Moved some of the tweaks around in the list
  • Merged Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux projects into one so they are all on the same version. Required changes and improvements in the tweak building process and platform checks.
  • Full Restore Script can be accessed from the left side navigation menu


  • Reworked v59 App List Patch
  • Pro: Menu structure will no longer be broken (VSM submenu will be restored)
  • Con: All apps that can come up on the list need to be added to the ‘additionalApps’ array in systemApp.js (I included every app I have ever seen or heard of including CASDK apps in the array you will only need to add custom developed apps)
  • Patch to Full Restore Script to prevent potential bootloop when running with ‘delete backups’ option several times in a row.
  • Replaced missing speedometer images
  • Adjusted CastScreen, may fix issues for some.

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced Missing Speedometer Images.
  • Choosing Speedometer in Statusbar will auto-select Date to Statusbar Mod


Fixed CastScreen-Receiver

Include AA v0.99 Install

  • A second root user/pass - jci/jci is now added.
  • This is to give AIO a unique user to check the passwd file to ensure SSH is actually re-enabled.
  • Added ‘Force SSH’ option that will force update SSH settings. For FW < 56.00.511 this will change the root user to cmu (and add second root user jci).
    • I personally did this on my v55.00.753A-NA and added a few of my own root usernames as well.
  • For more information I am adding a ‘Pro Tips’ page to The first entry will be about the importance of SSH access + how to add your own user/pass to your system.
JCI backup
  • Zip Backup Option
    • Creates a .zip file containing your backup JCI folder
    • Takes longer than a regular backup
    • You cannot create both a regular backup and a zipped backup in the same installation, that would take a very long time.
  • When an unknown firmare version is encountered AIO now does one of 3 things:
  • If FW < v55: Shows user a message that AIO is not compatible and they need to update to FW v55+ to use AIO.
  • If FW >= 58: Shows user a message that AIO is not compatible and a choice is given to make a JCI backup and instructions on where to send it to test for compatibility.
  • If FW = 55 or 56: All FW v55 & v56 will pass the initial compatibility check but may not pass compatibility checks for certain tweaks meaning those teaks will be skipped during installation.
  • Email if you need assistance with an incompatible firmware, unless you are have FW less than v55 then just update to v55 or higher.

Force SSH and Zip Backup options are collapsed by default because they are only needed for certain situations and are not recomended to run with every install.

Added Compatible FW:
  • 59.00.446A-NA
  • 59.00.450A-NA
  • 59.00.447A-EU
  • 59.00.449A-EU
  • 59.00.449A-ADR
  • 59.00.450A-ADR


    • Fixed the Error Message Display in the VideoPlayer
      • It says to reboot your CMU but sometimes exiting and reopening the app is enough
      • Of coarse if it keeps happening then reboot
    • Fixed a typo in the ‘order of audio source’ tweak
    • Fixed transparency in images when resizing especially ‘blank album art’
      • Electron changed something in the resize API, now its faster. Cropping may be coming soon too!
    • Fixed Boot Animation compile failing whey no option is chosen
    • Temporary Remove Criss-Cross Boot Animation (Not Working)


    • Full multicontroller functionality
      • Scroll and Select Video List (cw/ccw - select)
        • List looping in selection and playback
      • Scroll and Select Options (tile-right/left - select)
    • Previous track
      • Play Previous Video
    • Repeat all option
      • Recently Played Videos are not repeated in shuffle mode until the entire list is played.
      • Toggling Repeat All will clear recently played videos list.
    • Save Configuration To Local Storage
      • Utilize the CMU’s Local Storage to save options even after a reboot.
      • All option choices AND recently played video list are saved to local storage.
    • More Touch Controls During playback
  • Removing Navigation SD card will improve video player performance this is due to the memory issues that exist within the MZD system.
  • Installation of the swapfile will also improve performance, swap mounting has been improved.
Want more info on the Video Player? Check out the Video Player Repository
    • Change all or part of the boot animation (Default ‘Disabled’ Animation Uses Default LoopLogo for all 3 parts of the sequence allowing for the shortest boot time the illusion of no boot animation)
    • Boot Animation Sequence Goes: LoopLogo1 => TranLogo[2] => TranLogoEnd[3]
    • Choices:
      • Mazda Logo (Default LoopLogo) [All]
      • Matrix [All]
      • Mazda Z Loop [All]
      • Large Mazda Tran [All]
      • Mazda Cinema [Loop - 1 & 2, end 3]
      • Criss Cross [Loop - 1 & 2, end 3]
      • Mazda Race [Loop - 1 & 2, end 3]
      • Fiat Logo 1
      • Spider 124 Tran [2]
      • MZD Title Slam [3]
      • MZD Space Logo [3]
      • Car Flash [3]
      • Default Animations Are Also Included As Choices
    • In App Preview of Boot Animation ___
    • Fixed error when choosing CarOS theme
    • Improved SwapFile Mounting
    • SSH_Bringback is now selected by default
    • App List Patch is automatically applied to v59 when installing apps if no-more-disclaimer and order of audio source list are not installed
    • Some Layout Improvements
    • Media Order Patch and FLAC Support can be chosen under ‘Advanced Options’. Wifi and SSH are FORCE INSTALLED if this tweak is chosen.
  • Unconfirmed Fix For CastScreen
    • Adds Port 53515 (ADB Default Port) To Firewall IPTables Accepted Connections
    • If this fix works for anyone let me know.


    • ButtonPress = Play/Pause
    • Tilt-Right = Next
    • Tilt-Left = Stop
    • Tilt-Up/Down = Scroll Video List
    • Rotate-CC/CCW = RW/FF
      • RW/FF Frame skip time lowered from 30s -> 10s
      • Because with the wheel rotation, 30 second jumps are too much
  • Speedometer Variant Option:
  • Start App In Analog Mode


  • Reverted Compatibility for ‘Media Order Patch & FLAC Support’ tweak.
    • Compatibilities with issues are neatly commented out in the code for testing purposes.
    • Toned down the warning message.
    • I appreciate all those who help out on this issue, Lets try getting these compatibilities all straightened out.
  • Choosing ‘Media Order Patch & FLAC Support’ will auto-choose SSH_Bringback (It can be unselected but that is not recommended).
  • Speedcam Patch Compatibility should be ok but should be considered a beta test for FW. ver. 59.00.411A-NA & 59.00.443C-EU.

2.4.0 Release

  • Android Auto Bugfixes
  • re-enables the dialer interface if the phone is paired and connected to the headunit via BT (Not Completely fixed, Still an Issue)
  • fix issue for screen corruption with backup camera
  • Increase the size of the USB receive buffer to 16384
  • I was a little nervous while confirming this because I have run AIO in my car hundreds of times - To apply “Remove Message Replies” tweak you must factory reset your settings after installing.
    • Since nothing bad happened to me after countless experimental system modifications, it is unlikely that factory resetting options would cause any damage.
    • Edit messages for your language in blm_msg-system.xml to start with your own preset messages.
  • 2 new smooth themes by Zephnath
  • Smooth Azure (Blue)
  • Smooth Violet (Purple)
  • Added Compatible Firmware: v56.00.403A-JP
  • SSH Bringback
  • Compatibility extended to all FW v56.00.511 - 59.00.443 (Prior to v56.00.511 SSH is already enabled)
  • New user/password will persist through firmware upgrade. For More Information View This Infotainment Project Thread
  • New User: cmu
  • Password: jci
  • New Username and Password will only apply to installations from this point on
  • Media Order and FLAC Support Compatibility:
  • 59.00.330A-ADR
  • 59.00.342A-ADR
  • 59.00.441A-NA
  • 59.00.443C-EU
  • Speedcam Patch Compatibility:
  • 59.00.441A-NA
  • 59.00.443C-EU
  • UI Fixes
    • Fixed some colors in Dark Mode.
    • Bits of Resizing and shifting.
    • Font change.


  • Fixed Android Auto Install To Clean Up Old Config If Already Installed (Causing “Can’t connect to headunit process” Error)
  • Added Speedometer Variation By: pnedkov
  • Tap Screen To Switch Between Analog & Digital Style Speedometer


  • Fixed Android Auto Install
  • Moved Backup options to a Pop-out ‘Install Options’ panel on the top-left side
  • Added a ‘Skip Confirmation’ Option (Also in the Install Options Pop-out Panel)
  • Added a ‘Compatibility Check’ view to clarify Compatibilities (Under the ‘Help’ Menu)


  • Fix Bug with Compass and Speedometer in v59+ (noNavSD = true;)
  • Added ‘Remove List Loop Beep’ Option


Video Player v2.7 Update - IS AWESOME THANK YOU VIC_BAM85!!!
  • New Controls in full screen mode:
  • Tap (& hold) left side to rewind
  • Tap (& hold) right side to fast-forward
  • Tap center to pause-play
  • Works better and Looks better too!
  • No need to uninstall, just install over old Video Player to update
Android Auto v1.02 Update - By: Khantaena
  • “Android Audio” menu option no longer starts the process, instead it tells the phone to ask for video focus again if you have pressed the physical “Home” button and left the AA UI.
  • Refactor code into a long-running service that starts on CMU boot. Allows auto-start on phone connection.
  • Fix bug in focus handling when the audio focus is lost externally. No longer gets stuck unfocused
  • Audio and video focus can now be gained/last at will and restore previous focus. This allows you to play the radio but also receive navigation prompts (for example) or use the CMU UI while playing music via AA.
NNG Patch Tool v1.4 Update - By Modfreakz!
6 New Themes
  • Smooth Red
  • Fully Smoothed Out Theme Changes Everything - Very Awesome
  • Storm Troopers
    • Storm Trooper Style Coins
  • Poker
  • Playing Card Coins
  • Mazda Logos
  • Mazda Logo Coins
  • Floating Logo
  • Invisible coins - Selected Coin shows Mazda logo
  • X-Men
  • X-men Character Coins

Mix and Match Themes with Main Menu Layouts.

Pro Tip - Install partial color scheme by deleting some of the images before installing.

Custom Theme Support
New Backgrounds
  • To go with the new Themes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Semi-transparent-parking-sensor Uninstall (Replaced All Missing Images)
  • Some Tweaks not showing for certain languages

Compatible Firmware Version: 56.00.514A-ADR


  • Better Comments - If You Like To Look At The Code
  • Fallbacks Are Commented Out - So If You Really Need One You Can Get It
  • This Leaves Only One Assumption That AIO Follows: Any File That Has Been Modified Will Have A Backup Of The Original As A .org File.
  • The Only Way This Assumption Is Broken Is If Modifications Were Made To A File Before AIO And No Backup Was Created.
  • Italian Language For Speedometer App
  • Option For Touchscreen Tweak: Fix Cluster Compass
  • Some Settings Will Be Disabled While Driving But The Touchscreen & Compass Will Work.
  • Option For Main Menu Tweaks: Smaller ‘Coins’
  • Half Sized Main Menu Coins.
  • Backup Saving Options: (Image File Are Not Backed Up)
  • Copy Backups:
    • Copies The .org Backup File Of All Modified Files To Your USB Drive
  • Test Backups:
    • Some Tweaks Will Copy Before And After Copies Of The Files They Modify To Your USB Drive.
  • Updated The Translator
  • Updated Remove Message Reply File - Deleted Unnecessary Line Breaks, Might Get It To Actually Work Soon
  • Added Compatible Firmware Versions
  • 58.00.251A-ADR
  • 59.00.342A-ADR
  • 59.00.442A-ADR
  • 59.00.443C-EU
  • 59.00.443C-ADR
  • Small change to build logic - All relevant option variables are loaded at the beginning of the



Tweak Files - All around improvements in coding style, efficiency, logging, compatibility, commenting, and error handling
  • NEW Main Menu Tweaks: _Pure CSS No File Replacements Compatible With All FW Versions_
  • Hide The Main Menu Ellipse
  • Give Main Menu Label a ‘3D’ Effect
  • Two Alternative Main Menu Layouts
    • ‘Star Points’ Layout
    • ‘Inverted’ Layout
  • Text Style Tweaks
    • Added Song Title Color
    • And Radio Station Title Color As Options
    • Text Shadow (Global It Is More Noticeable Against Light Colored Backgrounds)
Notable Changes:
  • ‘Date To Statusbar mod’ and ‘Statusbar Tweaks’ are now combined.
    • Date to Statusbar Mod v3.3 (like v2 but with 3 clear date format choices)
    • Clock Color Also Applies to Statusbar-Mini-Speedometer (Even In Reverse :+1:)
    • Status Notification Color Includes all types of notifications (not just nav).
  • Date To Statusbar Mod v3.3 is compatible with all FW v55-v58 and:
    • 59.00.330A-EU
    • 59.00.331A-EU
    • 59.00.330A-NA
    • 59.00.441A-NA
    • 59.00.443A-NA
    • 59.00.443C-ADR
    • 59.00.326A-ADR
  • Mini Speedometer automatically hides the notification border without date to statusbar mod
  • Fixed a typo causing the blue nav color scheme to fail to uninstall. Now it is removed when changing back to default (red).

I Will take suggestions for layouts, Just mock up your Idea in Photoshop or paint or for you software freedom lovers GIMP2

‘Star Points’ Layout:

![Star Points Layout](./app/files/screenshots/Alt-layout.jpg)

‘Inverted’ Layout:

![Inverted Layout](./app/files/screenshots/Alt-layou-ut.jpg)
(Main Menu Label On Top Of The Screen Under Statusbar)


  • UI Style Tweaks:
    • Body Text Color - Audio Artist & Album Title + more
    • Song Title Color
    • List Item Color
    • Disabled List Item Color
  • ReCoded Tweaks for better compatibility:
    • Pause On Mute Tweak is now compatible with all FW versions - No longer replaces files
    • No Background Behind Buttons - Hides the background images with CSS rather than replacing them with transparent images
    • Better logging
  • Blue Color Scheme Now Includes Blue Navigation Color Scheme
  • Android Auto Install Works!


  • Fixed Issue with installation not starting.
  • Window state is now saved on exit and restored upon reopening. For real this time.
    • Added a menu Icon to reset window size and position.


  • Background Rotator will now rotate up to 50 backgrounds (Larger backgrounds will take longer to load)
    • Also set the number of seconds each background will show: from 10 - 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • Fixed Speedometer and video player.
  • 3rd attempt at fixing Android Auto (3rd time’s the charm?)
  • Beginning to standardize tweak installs/uninstalls.
  • Fixed some corrupt binaries.



  • Statusbar Tweaks
    • App Name Color
    • Clock Color
    • Nav Notification Color
    • Remove Statusbar Background Image
    • Set Statusbar Opacity
  • Off Screen Background
    • Set a background image for “Turn Display Off and Show Clock” in the Settings Menu.
    • Will also display on system shutdown
  • Added MPG or Km/L choice for Fuel Consumption Tweak
  • Hopefully all tweaks are working correctly
    • Need additional confirmation for Android Auto (issue AA just shows a black screen)
  • Background preview shows statusbar tweaks
  • Added preview buttons to trigger background preview
  • Added Tipperary font for background preview
  • Retrieves FW version from previously used USB drive
  • French Translation By: Salegosse (


  • Copy buttons for text fields on translator page.
  • Added a top bar and clock to the background preview.
  • Now compatible with 32 bit Windows
  • Fixed Castscreen Receiver and put apk in its own folder
  • Fixed Android Auto


  • Initial language chosen for Speedometer Tweak based on locale (Fallback to English if locale does not match any provided translations or is not found.)
  • Speedometer: Km/h selected by default except en-US (mph if locale = en-US).
  • Selecting Speedometer_to_Statusbar options now auto-select date_to_statusbar mod 2.2 (km/h) except en-US (v2.3 if locale = en-US).
  • Fixed Uninstalling Color Scheme to also remove blue nav color scheme if installed
  • Warning message during tweak install for FW: 59.XX.XXX about apps not showing up in the app list.
  • Added some HINT messages during Compilation
  • Added Infotainment Frame to background preview


  • Fixed bug when choosing Swapfile tweak and not copying directly to USB Drive.
  • Fixed bug where Patched files were not copying for Speedcam Patch
  • Formatting fixes
  • Bug fixes
    New Key bindings:
  • Ctrl + Alt + H
  • Opens Main Page (Home)
  • Ctrl + Alt + J
  • Opens Photo Joiner Window
  • Ctrl + Alt + K
  • Triggers Start Compile
  • Ctrl + Alt + L
  • Opens Translator Page


  • Updated Patching Tool 2.3 (Thanks Modfreakz!).
  • Added Compatible fw v.56.00.100A-EU.
  • Added Compatible fw v.59.00.441A-NA.
  • Updated date_to_statusbar to reject if FW = v.59.x+
  • Snackbar messages
  • Less intrusive alert of available update using Snackbar (and Native Notifications on Windows 10)
  • Trigger changelog message after update.
  • Added help panel info (Contributing section).
  • EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE: GOOGLE TRANSLATE Can be found in Help & Settings Menu. (Some languages will break the formatting)
  • GOOGLE TRANSLATE pop-up on the translator page to assist with translations.


  • Clean up code/Improvements in logging
  • Updated Android Auto with the latest binaries. Should be stable now but needs additional testing to confirm


  • Automatic Updates
  • Delete copy to usb folder after copying to USB Drive option

New Features in AIO 2.0.0:

  • Completely Rebuilt Desktop App GUI.
  • Ability to install and uninstall tweaks in the same installation (Be careful this is a Beta feature).
  • Tweak files for ‘Color Scheme’ (105MB) and ‘Speedcam Patch’ (207MB) are downloadable extras to keep the app size small.
  • Choose an image to replace your infotainment background, automatically resized to 480x800px to fit the screen.
  • Replace blank album art with any image, automatically resized to 146x146px.
  • Image-Joiner for joining multiple images for the ‘Background Rotator’ tweak. Each Image is resized to 480x800px.
  • Also, a choice to upload an image that will not get resized for background rotator.
  • Separated the ‘Improved List Loop’ and ‘Shorter Delay Mod’ into individual tweaks.
  • Choice for ‘Enable Wifi’ and ‘CID to SD’ tweaks (enabled by default).
  • Choice to use color scheme background or not.
  • More information and backups are collected during tweak installation (For planned ‘Save Backups to PC’ and ‘System Analysis’ tweaks).
  • Copy Files to USB Drive (works for a single plugged in drive or choose 1 out of a list of all available external drives)
  • Save/Load tweak options.
  • All 40+ tweaks from AIO 1.x with variations.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Updated to most current version of Android Auto.
  • More to come!

- Image formats supported: .png .jpg .jpeg .bmp .tiff

- Images are converted to .png format

- Built in Translator