MZD-AIO-TI 2.6 Download

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MZD All In One tweaks Installer

Installer for many different system tweaks for Mazda MZD Infotainment System

Mazda 2 (DJ), Mazda 3 (BM), Mazda 6 (GJ), Mazda CX-3 (DK), Mazda CX-5 (KE), Mazda MX-5 Roadster (ND) and Mazda CX-9 (TC)


ALL FW V55, V56, V58, AND V59 UP TO V59.00.502 ARE SUPPORTED

Tweaks have been tested with the following firmware versions:

IMPORTANT: All changes happen at your own risk!

Please understand that you can damage or brick your infotainment system running these tweaks!
Anyone who is unsure should leave it alone, ask someone with experience to help or ask in the forum.
I am not responsible for damages that may incur from the use.

App Size ~ 280MB

AIO Rebuilt with Electron & AngularJS
Included Translator & Photo-Joiner (for background rotator tweak)

Special thanks to all the developers out there that made this possible!

And of course, Thanks to @Siutsch for AIO 1.x


Additionally, no information regarding speedcam or navigation patching will be available or provided through MZD-AIO-TI or any associated developer of MZD-AIO-TI.

Uninstall for speedcam patch will be available but is deprecated and will eventually be removed

Thank you for your cooperation reguarding these matters




In 2.6.x

In 2.5.x

In 2.4.x

In 2.3.x

In 2.2.x

In 2.1.x:

New Features in 2.0:

- Image formats supported: .png .jpg .jpeg .bmp .tiff

- Images are converted to .png format

- Built in Translator

What is ‘MZD-AIO-TI’?

My good friend Siutsch copied files from many different tweaks for his infotainment system and thought, it would be helpful if you could choose what tweaks you wanted to install or uninstall. He went on to develop a CMD based program to accomplish this and it worked well but lacked that modern app feel and faced other limitations. As a developer, I felt like I should upgrade AIO into a full fledged desktop app but with the same underlying tweaks that we all know from AIO v1.5.x. It was around that time I came across Electron and I went on to develop MZD-AIO-TI.

This Project has 2 particular aspects, user interface and the custom built installer script: and associated files. @Siutsch and I continue to work together on that aspect to this project to optimize the script for safety, efficiency, and in the future analysis.

How to install:

Download and open the setup file and it will install and start up.
Before Car Installation:

Installation Into MZD Infotainment System:

Compatibility will be generally checked at the beginning of an installation, if your FW is not compatible the installation will abort at this point. This is for the safety of incompatible systems.

The following tweaks are checked individually during installation of, because there are different (config)-files to consider:

For More information visit the FAQ Page


List of the original tweaks that inspired AIO:

Tweaks Master Bundle (v55)

by miket0429



Video player v2

by Waisky2 with mods by vic_bam85

Use H264 video codec and MPEG-4 AAC audio codec
You have to place your videos in a folder “Movies”!

Changes by vic_bam85:
Multicontroller support by Trezdog44


by Diginix

v1.0, v2.1 and v2.2 by Diginix, base by ForeverYoung (icons and date smaller just above the clock)

v3.3 MODED for v59 by Trezdog44

Changes done by Diginix:

Custom infotainment colors

(blue, green, orange, pink, purple, silver, yellow) by mrnerdbanger

Pause on mute

by jimmyfergus, USB script by ForeverYoung


by Diginix

(folders “HorizontalSensors” and “VerticalSensors” used)

Original patch by vic_bam85 not working on V 56.00.230A german version, because only folder “HorizontalSensors” used

Improved list loop

by yuikjh

With additional shorter delay mod by yuikjh (generates frequent beeps!)

by ForeverYoung


by bob12x

Media order patch and FLAC Support

by diorcety

Change order of the audio source list

to this new order (often used inputs shifted upward)


Speedcam patch

by diorcety

Speedcam.txt for Germany or Europe, with or without mobile cameras (4 different databases!)

NGG-Patcher for Windows

by bob12x:

Castscreen receiver

Version 2016- 03- 08 (mirroring of Android Smartphone) by daguschi, USB script by trookam



for 56.00.511A/512A/513B- EU by mzd3-k

Expanded compatibility to all FW v56-59

Open JCI test console

Diagnostic menu by 1 sec. clock pressing in display settings, no more pressing music + favorites + power/mute


by Waisky2

Disable/Enable the boot animation

Custom boot animations by HRangel to red button menu by Siutsch

Get CID of any SD card

by Modfreakz

New scheme ‘carOS’

by epadillac

Bigger album art tweak

by epadillac

No buttons background graphics tweak

by epadillac

Fuel Consumption Tweak

by edyvsr from - add fuel efficiency unit KM/L

Background Rotator

by Trezdog44

Text Color Tweaks

by Trezdog44

by Trezdog44

USB Audio Mod

By Enlsen

Android Auto Headunit App

V0.93A (2016-07-29) by spadival / agartner (use with google Android App)

Known issues:
  1. Install Android Auto app on your phone: or here:
  2. Connect the phone to USB (*) and pair the phone bluetooth with the CMU
  3. Click on Android Auto under Applications Menu on the CMU
  4. A black screen with credits should open up first
  5. Android Auto will then start. If it does not, pull out the USB and start over again (or check the installation.)

NOTE: If you are using USB Audio for sound, You can only connect your phone after car has started and the CMU has booted up. If anything is connected, the source ids change and the headunit app is not yet designed to handle that

Version 0.93A Change log
Version 0.92A/B Change log
Version 0.91b Change log
Version 0.83 Change log
  1. Performance improvements via sequential operation and removal of mutex locks - provided by @agartner
  2. Changed Video sink to mfw_isink - supposed to be faster and also now opera status (volume) bar can be overlayed if required - need some javascript expertise to make it a floating bar.
  3. Hide the disclaimer/credits after 2- 3 seconds
  4. Now you can touch drag/swipe
  5. Added VID for Lenovo
Version 0.7 Change log
  1. USB Audio is enabled - to actually use this, you need a separate USB thumb drive in one of the slots, as this is the only way for you to be able to select USB audio in the CMU. Please do not try to use MTP option on your android phone, as it is not going to work.. Also, you need at least one mp3 or any music file in the USB thumb drive (I used mp3- files/point1sec.mp3)
  2. Since there was a severe case of audio stuttering once for me, I have included an option to disable USB audio and switch back to AUX. You can do this by placing a file called hu_disable_audio_out in the SD CARD (which, of course, means you now need an SD card ). I haven’t actually tested this out as USB Audio worked fine at all times except that one instance.
  3. Nexus fix provided by @agartner
  4. Debug version of the app - to be run from ssh only - download from here . Copy to /data_persist/dev/bin, chmod 755 and run after executing the following command:
     export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data_persist/dev/androidauto/custlib:/jci/lib:/jci/opera/3rdpartylibs/freetype:/usr/lib/imx-mm/audio-codec:/usr/lib/imx-mm/parser:/data_persist/dev/lib:
Version 0.6 Change log
  1. Voice control should not cause app to quit
  2. More VIDs added, including a possible fix for Nexus phones with VID 0x18D1
Version 0.5 Change log
  1. Voice control enabled
  2. More VIDs added, including a possible fix for Nexus phones with VID 0x18D1
  3. Graceful kill when reverse gear engaged - App will restart when reverse gear is disengaged. However, reverse camera is still dark (because same V4L device?) as app isn’t killed fast enough.
Version 0.4 Change log
  1. Performance improvement to the gstreamer pipeline - testing shows no issues with Nav now. However, need some feedback to check if it is the same for everyone.
  2. Removed auto switch to Bluetooth as it causes problems with the UI. Need to switch manually now.
  3. Added a bunch of other Vendor id to Android USB Device VID list
  4. Removed aaserver and switched to websocketd.
  5. New gstreamer plugin h264parse compiled and added.
  6. UI now has USB/Gstreamer debug message window
Version 0.3 Change log
  1. Night Mode - Simple logic for now - 6AM to 6PM is day .. Night afterwards
  2. First attempt at making libssl/libusb calls thread safe (Voice control will crash otherwise ocassionally).
  3. Increased USB send timeouts for better screen refresh.
  4. Added LG’s Vendor id to Android USB Device VID list
Version 0.2 Change log
  1. Code sync with Mikereidis/Master
  2. aaserver - microhttpd server to launch and pass status back to UI - no more messy sh, watch and other hoops.
  3. UI integration using Herko ter Horst’s method.
  4. Exit AA using on screen menu (last screen with speedo icon)